Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Books for People Who Like Good Books

The Basilisk Solution

One of Hammonasset House’s new books, a celestial thriller called The Basilisk Solution, combines suspense, comedy and satire in a hilarious fantasy.

In Heaven, souls create virtual domains to suit their heart’s desire, and share Paradise with mafiosi, religious zealots, literary characters, pagan gods, and monsters.

They also face the threat of Satan unseating God and ruling Heaven. The Midwest Book Review calls it "A satirical romp through the afterlife. . . .wittily composed and highly recommended to community library fantasy collections and to those who love the genre."

William J. Kelly was an English professor at UCONN, Groton, and editor of Mystic Aquarium’s natural history magazine. His nature writings and humorous pieces appeared in national and international periodicals. $15.95 ISBN 978-0-9801894-7-6

As described in the Ingram Catalog:

Astral travel to the afterlife by two retired cops begins a tale that is both a ciffhanger and comic opera. After a lackluster career as a detective, Benny Spielmacher disappears during an impulsive astral journey to Heaven in search of inspiration for a musical version of Paradise Lost. His former partner, Roscoe Duffy, risks the deadly perils of Chaos to find him, and the two soon find themselves in a life-and-death struggle to defeat a colossal conspiracy that threatens God Himself. To complicate matters, Roscoe falls in love with the late Rose Trautman and must figure out how to conduct an affair with a dead woman. In this witty romp through Heaven and Hell, the damned get limited air conditioning, a college education, and virtual sex. Those in heaven create virtual domains to suit their heart’s desire, and share Paradise with mafia dons, crackpots, villains, literary characters, and pagan gods and their monsters. The Basilisk Solution serves up mystery, mayhem and belly laughs as once-mediocre gumshoes finally become the heroes they always wanted to be.

The reviews on Amazon are enthusiastic for this wonderful comic novel. Order it at:

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